Stream Patrol: Monitoring Solution for Microsoft Windows Media Streams
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Stream Patrol: Settings and Configuration

General Settings

Application configuration can be fine tuned to meet your specific needs. Includes setting of number of test players to be used, and the test duration for each stream, as well as the SMTP configuration for alerts to be sent out from.


Stream Patrol: Windows Media Server Settings

Server / Streams Settings

Enables the administrator to enter a list of media servers. Then within each media server, channels/programs (or individual streams) can be added as well. Each channel can be streamed by one or all of the protocols supported (i) MMS over TCP, (ii) MMS over UDP, (iii) RTSP over TCP, (iv) RTSP over UDP, and (v) plain HTTP.


Stream Patrol: Streaming Media Notification Alerts

Notification Settings

Up to 10 different individual contacts (name and email address) can be added for any failure alert notification.


Stream Patrol: Network Settings

Network Settings

Enable the user to ascertain that network connection is stable to avoid sending false alerts. This is handy when StreamPatrol is deployed in various geographical locations via a non-guaranteed uplink (i.e. cable modem or DSL).


Stream Patrol: Remote View

HTML Results / Remote View

Enable adminsitrators to see the status of streams remotely via HTML browsers.



Stream Patrol: Ensuring uptime of your windows media streams  

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