Stream Patrol: Monitoring Solution for Microsoft Windows Media Streams
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Stream Patrol: Monitoring the uptime of your windows media streams

  Stream Patrol: Monitoring solution for Microsoft Windows Media Audio and Video Stream

Monitors, alerts, and verify windows media streams
StreamPatrol 2 is now available for download.

Installation is very easy. We know that people often times are hesitant to install software because they are afraid it may contain malicious codes, corrupts their registry or make their machines runs slower in the long run. Well, we heard you and have provided an ideal solution.

All you need to do is download the zip file and uncompress it in the directory of your choice! Then run the executable file from there. That’s it! No installation programs!

Minimum Requirements:

256mb RAM
10mb Hard Drive Space
Windows XP/2003 & similar OS
Microsoft.NET Framework Version 2

Terms and Conditions:

Download StreamPatrol Version 2.5.3

Release 2.5.3 includes a hot fix for a bug introduced on v2.5.0.  It was not encoding text in html properly on remote view.

Release 2.5.0 supports HTML Results / Remote View.  Also, smtp authentication credentials as of this version are done via configuration (not command line arguments).

Release 2.3.0 supports plain mms (removed mmst/mmsu protocols) since it has been deprecated by Microsoft.  To upgrade to this version, please modify the monitor.xml (notepad is fine) file and manually remove <mmst /> and <mmsu /> nodes with <mms />.

Release 2.2.5 now supports "SMTP authentication" feature.  Simply start the application with "StreamPatrol.exe /smtpuser=user /smtppass=1234"

Release 2.2.0 now includes "auto start testing" feature.  Simply start the application as "StreamPatrol.exe /autostart"



StreamPatrol license cost USD $299 each. Purchases of 2 or more licenses are entitled to a 10% bulk discount.

Number of Licenses



You can get your 30-day evaluation license here.



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"Thanks for having a very niche piece of software. I've looked all over for anything remotely similar to Stream Patrol. I will be purchasing a copy to monitor our 30 streams. I would be interested in beta testing any new versions."

Stream Patrol: Ensuring uptime of your windows media streams  

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